Friday, 16 November 2012

Oh! A Belly Cardi!

My daughter is a worthwhile recipient of knitwear. She gushes. She wears her knitted garments with pride. She takes them off to eat. She tells everyone 'My mummy made this for me'.

I didn't make this gorgeous sweater though, Karen did. The pattern, Bella, is now available on ravelry, and Karen was one of my patient testers. She made the three years size and it fits Noo with plenty of growing room. The yarn is Karen's own hand-spun which she sells (along with the handmade buttons!) at GiftofGraceHandspun

When Noo talks about this cardi she says 'This is my Belly cardi. It's not from the Postman, it's from Karen'.

I'll say 'This is the cardigan she mastered skipping in'. Because that's what I'll remember.

Thank you so much Karen, from me and Noo, we feel very special!


  1. You and Noo are both so very welcome Dani! I absolutely LOVE these photos of her wearing the sweater! And such an adorable pattern too......will be knitting another in handspun soon! :) Hugs to you both.